Senior class funds: Don’t listen to the rumors

Senior class funds: Dont listen to the rumors

Since freshman year, the senior class has had a reputation of low participation and “lack of money.” While it is true that the participation rate is low, the idea that the senior class hasn’t raised much money is only a rumor.

According to Senior Class President Alex Motha, the class has fundraised anywhere from $30,000 to $40,000. “A majority of the money came from class dues,” said Motha.

According to Secretary Yvette Nunes, the senior class bills have not been paid yet, so she declined to give a precise number.

However, the money isn’t just from the dues. We have fundraised a lot of the money as well.

Regardless of the never-ending rumors that have flown around the school about the senior class, according to Motha, the Class of 2015 has not received any money from last year’s graduating class.

According to the Class of 2014’s adviser Jessica Pacheco, last year’s senior class spent every last penny of their money. “There was a $500 surplus left over for the reunion,” said Mrs. Pacheco. “Austin Williams and Noah Martins have a separate account for that.”

At the November 1 Superlative Dance, the disc-jockey passed out cards advertising a senior class fundraiser to be held at the Toniq nightclub in Fall River.

Motha said that the club fundraiser at Toniq was too much of a liability to have as a fundraiser.

Senior Class Treasurer Hannah Moroney said, “It [the Toniq club event] is canceled. It wasn’t supposed to be a fundraiser through the school.” She said that the disc-jockey at homecoming wasn’t aware when he passed out the cards for the fundraiser that DHS wasn’t sponsoring the event.

“[Principal John] Gould was worried about the security. He was worried about it being in Fall River,” said Moroney.

Mr. Gould said, “The club fundraiser was never approved. From what I understand, there’s a protocol and they didn’t go through the advisers.”

Although the fundraiser has been canceled, the senior class still seems to be in adequate shape

Senior Class Co-Adviser Ann Fifield said, “The reason why we’re in good shape is because the students had to pay dues in order to go to Junior Banquet.”

According to Ms. Fifield, the dues help pay for the caps and gowns, diplomas, pizza party, graduation breakfast – quite possibly lunch this year – flowers, security, and the awards night.

Unfortunately, according to the senior class officers, they are only allowed to have one fundraiser that is school sponsored.

Moroney said, “We were going to do a bonfire for a fundraiser, but it’s a lot of work because we would have to pay for police and firemen details and for parents to chaperone.” She said it couldn’t be through the school because they are only allowed one fundraiser through the school.

“If five different clubs wanted to fundraise, they would all be getting the same amount of money at the same time,” said Ms. Fifield. “We don’t want to keep asking the same people for money.”

However, the senior class has raised a lot more money than expected. “We raised a ton of money from homecoming,” said Moroney. In just one lunch shift, the senior class sold $1,200 worth of tickets.

“I’ve been a class adviser three different times,” said Ms. Fifield. “The things that have been successful are homecoming and Mr. Dartmouth.”

This year, the senior class has decided to sell holiday pines as a fundraiser. Moroney said, “Selling the holiday trees was my idea last year. This year, there’s a company that does it as a fundraiser for schools. If we sell about 200 trees, we’ll make about $5000.”

However, Ms. Fifield said that due to low participation, the tree fundraiser will most likely be canceled.

According to Moroney, freshman year the senior class raised $3000 from the cookie dough fundraiser. “We did the same fundraiser sophomore year and raised $1500. Also, for Mr. Dartmouth we raised $5000, and for our car wash, we raised about $300,” said Moroney.

Moroney also said that as for fundraisers this year, there are two in the works that are being considered. “I came up with a long-sleeve t-shirt fundraiser this year. It’s going to have Senioritis on the front with the DHS Indian logo and the phrase, ‘We gave up about a week ago’ on the back,” said Moroney. She continued and said that if 200 people ordered the shirt, the price would probably be a little more than $12 for each long-sleeved tee.

“We’re thinking of our own private endeavor,” said Motha. “All proceeds will go to the class.” He mentioned that another fundraiser that might take place in the future will possibly be at the Holy Ghost in Dartmouth.

“We’re thinking of having a Music Showcase at the Holy Ghost,” said Motha.

According to Senior Class Co-Adviser Jeanne Flight, there is a new fundraiser in the works that is going to be an improvement after the last two failed fundraisers. “It’s a fun thing. You’ll like it,” said Mrs. Flight.

Ms. Fifield said it is unfortunate that fewer kids are participating in the fundraiser.

“When it comes to fundraisers, no one comes. It isn’t our fault,” said Moroney. “We had people drop off ideas in Ms. Fifield’s room for both the Junior Banquet theme and adding or subtracting superlatives for homecoming.” According to Moroney, only about three or so people had any input for both events.

“People complain about it [fundraising], but no one else attempts to participate. We [the officers] want people to be happy, but no one gives ideas,” said Moroney. “So much falls on our shoulders.”

As for prom, the class of 2015 is still going to the Omni in Providence, just like last year’s graduating class. “It was $70 for a ticket last year, so hopefully it will be around the same this year,” said Moroney. “We want to try to get the tickets to be $50 each. It would be nice if people actually participated in the things we try to put together.”

As of right now, the two most popular themes for prom are the Roaring 20’s and Starry Night. There will be a SurveyMonkey that will allow the seniors to vote on which theme they like best.

English Teacher Catherine Madsen said, “The senior class makes the school year. They are the leadership class who determines the atmosphere and tone of the year.” She said that the school is only going to be as great as the senior class wants it to be.

“The more people who are involved the better. You guys need to step up to the plate. Communication and involvement is key,” said Ms. Madsen.