Looking for inspiration? Join DHS Media Club


Disguised behind the facade of an ordinary classroom, Media Club appears to be nothing more than another extracurricular. However, after a step through the door, it becomes apparent that it is a place where students are free to pursue their passions, break free of their comfort zones, and become better educated in the art of film-making.

Whether it’s focusing intently on a project or laughing with friends during the production process, the members of Media Club genuinely care about their work.

Unlike the structure of a traditional learning environment, the club primarily focuses on giving students the opportunity to explore the world of media.“It’s not like class where you have assignments,” said junior Falin Fagundes. “You have full creative control over what you make.”

They provide tools such as props, cameras, and editing software in order to make professional quality videos. Each computer in the room is equipped with Adobe Premier Pro giving students free access to the advanced and expensive program.

When it comes to the video making process, there appeared to be two general methods: spontaneous or meticulously planned. The students following the spontaneous method will brainstorm and then immediately film their selected project with minimal preparation or research. Junior Christen Camaro said that he prefers this technique. “Everything is more genuine and less processed,” he said.

However, others in the club go through a much more lengthy process. After they are struck by inspiration, they write a script, create a storyboard, and decide which camera angles to use to depict the mood of their film. Then they undergo the long process of filming and editing. Most that use this method are aspiring cinematographers who want to truly understand how they can produce professional work. “I’m inspired by other movie directors,” said freshman Kyle Lamontagne. “I want to see how I can do what they do, and Media Club helps me with that.”

With the spirited use of both of these tactics, Media Club is currently producing a vast variety of videos.

Senior Ashley Gwozdz and junior Colleen O’Boyle are creating a series of video tutorials on special effects makeup scheduled to be released around December. Gwozdz said, “It’s not like your everyday fashion.”

The tutorials will not teach “The Natural Look” or “The Smokey Eye,” but will instead show how to imitate the cosmetics shown on the big screen. Whether it’s to be used for Halloween costumes, future Media Club projects, or even on the streets, the videos will demonstrate how to use makeup to transform into someone unrecognizable.

In order to be more available to its viewers, Media Club is releasing a website. They are making it “for the club to post podcasts to a broader audience.” said club secretary and senior Victoria Cornell. She was inspired by how the Spectrum’s website makes articles more accessible to DHS students and hopes a similar outcome will occur for the Media Club.

Inspired by the popular Saturday Night Live, Media Club is sponsoring a SNL Skit Film Festival Competition. Students can enter either a replication of their favorite segment or an original skit by November 20.

“It’s not restricted to the club. Anybody and everybody can do it,” said club director Joshua Moulding. “It is sponsored by Media Club, but welcome to all.”

Prizes include Saturday Night Live merchandise including t-shirts and pins.

For the first time, Media Club is creating a Senior Video that each senior will receive for free at the end of the year. It is also available to underclassmen, but for a fee of $5. The video will capture footage of the seniors’ time at DHS and serve as a homage to the Class of 2016.

Movie Madness is a monthly event hosted by Media Club at which members show their replication of a popular movie. This month, they’re working on a Super Mario Bros 1983 trailer. The club is recreating it shot by shot and attempting to achieve the exact scenes.

For a previous Movie Madness, four hours were spent constructing a miniaturized copy of the DeLorean from Back to the Future out of paper. “It’s a lot of work,” admits junior Jacob Pereira, “but it’s the most fun you can ever have. The best part is to see your work done and to make people laugh.”

Ever get distracted by the Internet? During your browsing, feel free to check out Media Club’s videos on their upcoming website. The Super Mario Bros Movie Madness and special effects makeup tutorials will be released in December. Be sure to enter the SNL Film Fest Competition by November 20. Come embrace your inner drama queen and visit the club on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.

Media Club is more than a room full of cameras and props. It’s a supportive environment where inspiration runs rampant and a simple idea becomes reality.