The Buzz on the New Cellphone Policy

How do students and teachers feel about this years cellphone policy?

Rosanais Pereyra

How do students and teachers feel about this year’s cellphone policy?

DHS is experiencing a dramatic shift in classroom dynamics. The new cell phone policy has made headlines and defined the principal Ryan Shea’s induction into the high school, but how are students and teachers feeling about the loss of phone privileges or, as some would say, loss of limb? 

“It works. I feel like kids are more focused in class, teachers have had to tell students less to get off their phones, and it is really not that bad of a rule.  I’ve found myself reaching for my phone less and being able to understand material better. That being said, it kinda sucks to not be able to communicate when I am in school. Especially with a parent or otherwise.” 

– DHS Senior (Pro)

“I like it because it applies to everyone in the class, so you don’t really get the impression that it’s just me. You know that everyone else is following the same rules. I believe that it is helpful because kids are actually focusing on the lessons and class work and it also alleviates social drama.” 

– DHS Teacher (Pro)

“I don’t even reach for my phone anymore. Like today I was in class and it was on my desk, and I didn’t even realize.” 

– DHS Junior (Pro)

“I think I see a major increase in my ability to focus and [my] productivity in class. It eliminates the distraction and makes it easier to work better. I understand why people are against it, and I was at first, but I have seen improvement throughout the school.”

-DHS Sophomore (Pro)

“My opinion on the cell hotel is that we should be able to take our phones out if there was an emergency. They should allow us to keep them in our pockets or backpacks, and then if someone gets caught with their phone in their hand, then they could be forced to put their cell in the hotel.” 

– DHS Junior (Con)

“I think that it is a waste of money and time because by the end of the year students are just going to be so fed up with it that they will stop putting their phones in the hotel and it will soon be forgotten.”

– DHS Sophomore (Con)

“I have mixed feelings about it. It does help me focus more on not having my phone on me, but I am just worried and have anxiety that in an emergency I might need my phone but won’t have it. I feel like we should be able to keep our phones on us and then if someone decides to take it out while the teacher is not teaching then we shouldn’t be forced to put it in the hotel” 

– DHS Freshman (Both)

“I think it makes us more engaged in our learning rather than being distracted on our phones.”

– DHS Senior (Pro)

“I feel like it’s easier to focus and be more attentive in class. But, the only downfall is that communicating with my parents is a struggle.”

– DHS Senior (Pro)

“My parents are against the policy, they don’t like the fact they can’t reach their child.” – DHS Senior (Con)

“I feel like it’s unnecessary. I had multiple years in schools that had those no phone policies, and when I came to high school I thought I would have freedom. I know that there is a low risk of having an emergency but there are so many ways in which having a phone could help. At our grade, we should have the choice to have our phones on us. I understand being told to put it away if it’s distracting. But putting it in a hotel takes away our own personal devices. They should not have the authority to take them away like that. It would be more accessible and helpful to have them by our sides as they are used in class for work, like turning in assignments.” 

– DHS Freshman (Con)

“I feel like there is no point in it. We are high schoolers. We know that we should get our work done first then go on our phones when we are finished.” 

– DHS Freshman (Con)