Promposal, anyone?


Hairspray, beautiful dresses, boutonnieres, tuxes, limos, slow dances, and the perfect date all mean one thing: prom season is fast approaching. Seniors stress to find dresses, dates, and stress to come up with the perfect promposal for that one special person.

There have already been countless fun promposals occuring at DHS. “I made a pizza and spelled prom on it and hand delivered it to the girl I’m taking,” said senior Connor Burton. The creativity is what really matters behind the promposal.

Junior Macy Fernandes practically had tears in her eyes when her boyfriend spelled out “Prom?” in chocolate sauce on her favorite dessert when out to dinner one night.

Sophomore Alyssa Giovannini was also very surprised to open up her phone to a reminder that said, “Prom?”

“More people are going above and beyond the standard text message invite to prom,” said senior Tara Pimentel.  “I think it’s become a girl thing. Every girl deserves to be asked to prom in a cute way.”

“The more extravagant your promposal is, the less likely she will say no,” Burton said. Perhaps it’s even more necessary for longtime boyfriends to be planning promposals.

For some couples who have been dating for a long period of time, the demand for a promposal has grown stronger as the relationship has progressed. “Take into consideration how your significant other will react,” said senior Alex Chesney. “It definitely depends on your partner.”

There are some couples who have been dating for a long time and feel as if they don’t need to be doing much at all while others may feel they need to be doing something totally over the top when asking their partners to prom.

“If you are willing to go that extra mile for someone, it shows you really do care about them,” said senior Jacob Pereira. Promposals stand best on their own as cute gestures to ask someone special to that highly anticipated night of your high school career.

Even as underclassmen, we are already dreaming of that one special night for our class and dream about that spectacular promposal. But some juniors and sophomores may even be privileged enough to celebrate that night with the senior class this year.

“This is going to be the best senior prom we’ve had in years” said Pereira. “This is going to be the prom for years to beat.”

Prom is to be held at the glorious, swanky Omni-Biltmore in Providence this year and tickets are going to be only about $30 – less than the class paid for Junior Banquet last year.

“Prom is one of those experiences that is what you make of it,” said sophomore Emma Clune.

The 2014 Prom is attracting attention from other grades as well. “Being an underclassmen going to prom, I’m honestly so excited,” said Clune. “I’m thrilled to be spending prom with an amazing group of people.”

“I think everyone wants to go to prom this year,” said sophomore Abby Cox. The senior class has worked hard for their prom and any outside guests invited are lucky – no matter what age.

“It’s definitely a goal of ours to top the seniors,” said sophomore class president Bryce Boswell. The junior and sophomore classes have also been working hard to raise money for their classes and will definitely see this year as motivation to make their own prom night appear even more magical than this one.

“It’s special because people make it special,” said senior Dan Monte. Prom is basically how your class is represented. It shows everything that you have worked for. Through every fundraiser and event, prom is always in the back of everyone’s mind as that final reward for all the hard work.

It may be true that the countless Disney movies, Pinterest posts, and even Taylor Swift songs have allowed us to whimsically dream like this, but prom is that one night where music, smiles, and laughter can all be guaranteed. Plus, promposals build the excitement. So, freshman or senior, don’t hesitate to ask that one extraordinary person in an out-of-the-box way, as long as this person is right for you.

“Do a promposal no matter what,” said senior Taylor Nunes, who was promposed to by her boyfriend with Sourpatch Kids spelling out prom. “Usually as long as the promposal is cute girls will say yes.”

No matter how mind-numbingly corny and overdone it may seem, we all know that this year’s prom will be a night to remember (and the promposals will be pretty great too).