The senior prank deconstructed

The senior prank deconstructed

As spring time approaches and the end of the school year comes to a close, there are a lot of things on the minds of DHS seniors, such as deciding on the colleges they are going to attend, finding the perfect date for prom, and deciding what happens next after graduation.

The one thing that is on the mind of most seniors, but is often not talked about, is the thing that some seniors will look forward to the most: the senior prank.

“It was never a tradition here at Dartmouth High until recently,” said Dean of Facilities Michael Martin.

The pranks here at DHS haven’t been too major, put anyone in danger, or caused destruction. Although past seniors did burn “2012” into the lawn of the school.

“If the custodians are busy cleaning up after a senior prank, then they cannot change toilet paper, and do what they do for clean and healthy student learning,” said Mr. Martin. “If a student does destroy school property, it would become a conduct issue, and they would have to pay a restitution.”

Seniors may not fully think of their actions before they are made, and they need to think of the worse possible scenario before they take the risk of disciplinary actions from a school official.

“It depends on the prank. If destruction is caused, it could involve police action or loss of privileges, [for example] prom,” said School Resource Officer Paul Arruda. Some teachers do think that students have indeed crossed a major line.

“It has only been the last couple that have been off color. Students need to be respectful of the school,” said School Social Worker Cathy Thomas.

Underclassmen are already squirming with excitement planning their senior pranks out years before they occur.

“We should all show up to the middle school and try to have classes there,” said sophomore Melissa Zatir.

“I want to steal the Kings Inn sign and put it outside the school,” said sophomore Allyson Lague.

Whether it be the senior class or the sophomore class, the senior pranks seem to be getting more creative each year. “We should put everything outside the school inside, and everything inside, outside,” said sophomore Caroline Baglini.

Some students in schools across the country go as far as putting animals into the school such as crickets and mice.

“My favorite senior prank had to have been the cow prank,” said sophomore Jacqueline Fidalgo. “For my sister’s senior year at her school, they brought a cow into the school and brought it up to the top floor,”

As for what this year’s prank is, seniors do not want to give anything away. There have been rumors circulating involving alarm clocks and bugs. Whatever the prank might be, it’s going to be hilarious because the Class of 2014 has yet to disappoint.

Seniors have less than three weeks of school left, so we’re bound to see some action soon.

“There has been a rumor going around that this year’s senior prank might involve animals,” said sophomore Ashlee-Marie Santos.

We better all watch out, in case the school starts buzzing with bees. Mr. Martin may need to send out a janitor to exterminate the bee situation.