Does Dartmouth have school/town spirit? Yes, it does.

Does Dartmouth have school/town spirit? Yes, it does.

With Dartmouth’s 350th anniversary quickly approaching, the question of just how much spirit the town has is up in the air.

Sophomore Samantha Hakeem feels that the town definitely has spirit. “There are so many activities that are being planned for the 350th anniversary,” she said. “I think that shows that Dartmouth has a lot of spirit.”

Sophomore Rumyana Lazarova said, “If the town didn’t have spirit, then why would they spend so much time and money on the 350th anniversary?”

According to the Standard-Times, the town is providing $78,000 in seed funding to underwrite costs of the celebration, and ongoing fund-raising activities will help pay for other activities.

DCTV Director of Media Cynthia Marland said that a group started meeting regularly several months ago to start forming committees to organize different parts of the months-long celebration, which will run from spring to fall. The celebration will include a parade, fireworks, and dozens of activities for residents and visitors of all ages. The calendar of events will run from May 18 to September 7.

According to the Standard Times, the keystone event of the 350th anniversary celebration will be a public party on June 8 at Apponagansett Park including a concert, fireworks, and a huge birthday cake for the town, officially incorporated on June 8, 1664 by the General Court in Plymouth. If that isn’t town spirit, then I don’t know what is.

After the June 8th birthday party at the park, the next neighborhood celebration proposed is in Padanaram Village on July 26-27, coinciding with the village business association’s annual sidewalk sale, another example of Dartmouth’s incredible spirit.

Junior Nicholas Rego said, “Between all the planning and events that are occurring around Dartmouth, it’s safe to say that the entire town coming together is a perfect example of the spirit Dartmouth has.” He continued by saying that if the town didn’t have true Dartmouth Pride, then there wouldn’t be any festivities for the 350th anniversary.

In the midst of all the excitement and preparations, DHS can be considered the epitome of spirit. What better way to show school spirit than through the pep rallies? Everyone in the school gets hyped up for the numerous skits that the classes put on.

Lazarova said, “I really enjoyed the senior skit last year. The coming together of cultures in the senior skit showed that the seniors were really passionate and had a lot of spirit. I know they must have put in a lot of time and effort.”

Junior Samantha Emmett said, “I think everyone gets really pumped for pep rallies, and I rarely see anyone not wearing green and white.” She elaborated by saying that DHS, especially the senior class, always goes all out on Green and White Day to show their pride.

And what better way to show town and school spirit than DHS showing off the town’s finest young men during the Mr. Dartmouth spectacular? I’m sure no one will forget the infamous Nick Chaves booty drop. Represent.

If Dartmouth didn’t have spirit, then why do DHS athletic teams continuously dress up at school for their games? Of course, during football season, the stands are always filled with fans and there is always that one section that stands during the entire game. What better way to show school spirit than standing outside for a few hours in 30 degree weather wearing your school’s colors and screaming for the team?

Rego said, “Whenever I go to the football games, there are always tons of people in one section of the stands.”

Sophomore Rachel Gin said, “They [the people in the stands] stand and cheer the entirety of the game. That’s dedication.”

Besides athletic events, whenever there are school musicals and plays, there always seems to be a large turnout.

Lazarova said, “When I attended Legally Blonde: The Musical, I’m pretty sure every seat was filled.”

Gin said, “Not just the students, but also people who lived in the town showed up to the musical.” She added that there were so many people there to show support for the Dartmouth High School Theater Company.

Junior Riley McDonald said, “I think the school has a lot of spirit. We are the tribe.”