Goodbye to the Class of 2015


You’re going to need a bigger leash.

Prom, Senior Week, graduation! All of these events seemed so far out of reach. I remember dreaming about my prom dress and imagining what it was going to feel like to walk at graduation, receiving a piece of paper that marked the end of primary schooling.

With the ending of senior year swiftly approaching, like many other seniors, I have mixed emotions. Of course, I am beyond excited to have some summer time fun and to explore what is to come next in my life; however, at times I find myself feeling a little weepy in the halls, in class, or even talking to my peers.

I think of that classmate who I have known for years and imagine never seeing again. It’s bizarre and often brings tears to my eyes that I quickly brush away.

DHS is a place where we grow into thinkers, leaders, and adults. It’s crazy to think that my time for this growth at 555 Bakerville Road is coming to a close.

Walking into Dartmouth High as a freshman, I saw the drab white walls and students with facial hair.

I was terrified.

Now, walking through the doors I no longer see blank walls and intimidating giant people with beards. Instead, I see memories. DHS is a place where I have learned not only calculus and biology, but about myself.

Within my four years, I like to think that I have found lifelong friends in both my peers and my teachers. I know the people I have met in high school have helped me become the conscientious, driven person I am today. In the same way the students and staff at school have impacted me, I hope to have made a lasting impression on them.

As a naïve underclassman, I was fed up with the seniors telling me that high school was going to fly by. Each day dragged on, feeling like years had passed in the six hours, yet the seniors swore their time just flew by. I vowed never to become “one of those,” but here I am. I am “one of those” seniors.

The time flies by.

Even when you think you hate Dartmouth, the school, the drama, and the emotions of high school, enjoy it. Because, “today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again.” Don’t rush through high school, and definitely don’t be in a hurry to grow up.

As I head into college, I am grown up and although I am scared, I know DHS has prepared me for the future. Farewell, DHS, and thank you.