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Known for being a very liberal area, Dartmouth tends to object to the town’s conservative population’s political views. More specifically, Dartmouth tends to harshly judge and stereotype their Trump-supporting neighbors.

After two articles were published in The Spectrum about DHS’s lack of diversity and DHS students who have been targeted by Trump, there were some students who were opposed to the points made in the articles. The students who had a different perspective on the issues addressed were DHS’s Trump supporters.

An anonymous DHS freshman said that if he were to share his pro-Trump political views “everyone would just think that I support a racist, violent, and hateful bigot.” He believes that the “ignorance” of those who do not support Trump is just clouding their vision.

“They don’t understand his strategies which are brilliant,” he said. He continued to explain that Trump wrote a book titled The Art of The Deal in which he explained that when you are negotiating, you ask for more than you actually want. “This is why he is taking a radicalized stance on many issues,” said this student.

He said that Trump’s reasoning for saying and doing what he does is just to get media attention and more support. (Perhaps that was his intent with his controversial “small hands” comment?).

This anonymous student just wishes that people would stop thinking that Trump was sexist because he has supposedly only targeted individual women and not women as a whole. He has only targeted his ex-wives, Rosie O’Donnell, and Meghan Kelly. “If you ever heard Rosie O’Donnell talk, you’d know why he said what he did and Meghan Kelly overstepped many boundaries when interrogating him at the Republican debate,” said this student.

Senior class president Bryce Boswell is also a Trump supporter. He said that most people don’t agree with him, but only some of his peers view him differently because of this. Even some of his teachers view him differently because of his political views.

Boswell said that a common misconception is that those who support Trump are uneducated and ignorant when it comes to politics. “We are like any other political supporter and our views should be respected,” said Boswell.

He believes that Trump has good intentions of getting America’s immigration situation under control and creating a simpler tax code. “I also think that he would prevent America from getting involved in too many countries’ problems except for ISIS,” said Bowell.

A DHS senior who wishes to remain anonymous supports Trump. However, she has no reasoning behind supporting him as she said, “I don’t know much about politics.”

Freshman Kolbe Durant supports Trump but said, “I’m not that involved in politics.” She said that her support for Trump comes from being raised in a Republican family.

When those two articles were published, sophomore Jack D’Atri commented on both of them in the comment section. He expressed his concern with the focus of the article having one-sided and misinformed opinions.

D’Atri said, “Trump will fix what is wrong in this country.” D’Atri said that he could even write a novel on all of the great things that Trump will do if he becomes president.

However, he does take note that “not everything Mr. Trump says is good. Sometimes he gets a bit too wild, bordering unpresidential.” For example, D’Atri thought that Trump believing that women who get abortions should be punished was unusual. Although D’Atri is pro-life, he doesn’t think that Trump should have said that considering abortion is still legal and you cannot punish people for doing things that aren’t against the law.

“I wish people could understand that Trump supporters are not what many liberals have stereotyped,” said D’Atri. He wishes people could understand that not all Trump supporters are “racist, sexist, white males who live down south and want to blow up everything that moves.”

D’Atri feels that he is judged based off his political views (mostly being his support of Trump) every day. He said that almost every day he gets told that Trump is racist and that Bernie Sanders is a “savage.”  However, this doesn’t get in the way of D’Atri sharing his views publicly. “If they want to know what I think and they don’t like the answer, that’s their problem,” said D’Atri.