Pro and Con: Mr. Dartmouth or Dartmouth’s Best?

The cast of the 2016 Mr. Dartmouth.

Bob Nunez

The cast of the 2016 Mr. Dartmouth.

Please Don’t Mess with Tradition

by Morgan Melo

Mr. Dartmouth has been changed to “Dartmouth’s Best” and seniors are not pleased at the abrupt and sudden change. The change supports a more inclusive show allowing both the Ms. and Mri. of Dartmouth to participate.

At first glance, the title change seems to encourage change for the better, but the underlying layers of the title change go deeper than a first glance. The new name suggests a more inclusive participation that allows for not only males at DHS, but also females. 

There’s something to be said for tradition and school spirit at DHS. From the football games to spirit week, students enjoy participating in and viewing the silliness that comes from every corner of our school. A long lasting tradition at DHS, Mr. Dartmouth was held every year for male contestants. Mr. Dartmouth is a competition that both current and former classes remember being a memorable and enjoyable experience in their high school career. The goofy skits provoke laughter from everyone in the theater, and what’s better than laughing with your friends?

The restricted, or even censored talent show is currently being protested and is predicted to be boycotted this school year, starting with a lunch petition that has gathered hundreds of signatures, highlighting the disagreement over the name change. The activities in the Mr. Dartmouth show included “a swimsuit challenge where a contestant would perform a skit in just a bathing suit which was one of the best parts of the show,” said and anonymous junior.

The production is a big fundraiser for the Class of 2021, but this year, not as much money is projected to be be raised since not as many people are planning to attend. This raises the possibility of not making enough money for the junior class. 

The negative reaction to the name change is a source of anxiety for seniors. If the long standing “Mr. Dartmouth” is changing against the will of the students, without the consent and vote of students, then what other traditions are going to be changed for the Class of 2020 as well?

Dartmouth’s Best is for the Better
by Lily Borges

Every high school has traditions, whether they be competitions, sports, dances, or anything in between. DHS happens to have Mr. Dartmouth as one of ours. In the past years, Mr. Dartmouth has been an event where boys compete to win the title Mr. Dartmouth—rather self-explanatory—by performing silly skits and other entertaining things on stage. 

However, something’s different about the competition this year: Instead of Mr. Dartmouth, it’s now called Dartmouth’s Best. I’m sure you can assume what this entails. Now everyone gets to participate in the event instead of just boys. 

It’s definitely one of the better decisions the school has made in regard to equality. The new title promotes a welcoming atmosphere, one where students can’t be turned away from taking part in a fun event because of their gender. Why wouldn’t everyone be in support of this change? In fact, the increased number of participants would make the fundraising aspect of the event even more successful. More people = more donations. 

And though some may argue that the event is simply made for only boys, the different sections of the Mr. Dartmouth competition are in no way “gender exclusive.” The parts of the performances include a skit section, a talent section, a formal wear section, and a swimsuit section. There’s really no basis for not allowing everyone to compete. 

It’s safe to say that the new name was a wonderful idea. After all, the change isn’t gigantic. Mr. Dartmouth is still the same event it has always been, just a little bit more inclusive.