Top AP Classes at DHS

AP English Literature and Composition

Morgan Melo

AP Literature is perhaps the most variable of all the AP classes. With most AP classes you can bet that pretty much all students who are taking the class across the country are learning information in a similar way. While almost all AP English students do learn the same information, the way it is delivered can be greatly different. This is because it is the department and the teachers who decide the media through which subject is conveyed. 

The pieces of literature that were chosen for my class were not typical in any sense of the word (unless you think a man who communicates solely through a yes and no on his hand is typical). However, while the class was weird at times, it remained engaging through the year. If I was offered to take any AP again, I would take this one. 

With all classes, you have to enjoy the subject, (or at least be open to enjoying it) to enjoy the class. But if you love (or at least like English), come try it. You might surprise yourself. 

AP Psychology

Morgan Melo

There are two types of people in this world: those who want to know the way their brain works and those who don’t. The first type may be the more enlightened individual, for the human brain is a tricky, tricky thing whose study often leads to more questions than answers, but the second is the student you find in AP Psychology. This class takes complex information that can be difficult not only to understand, but to swallow, and delivers it in a simple format that allows for full comprehension. The way the facts are presented is not overwhelming, which helps with the digestion of so much. 

If you want to know who you are, and what built you into that, you should take this class. But there are no guarantees, for who can say if it is possible to truly understand yourself. 

AP US History

This class is one of the first (or only) AP’s many students at DHS take; therefore, it has a high concentration of sophomores. The information is a mix of new and old in the sense that some of it has been learned before, and some of it is a repetition of past years (though I suppose it is all old. This is a history class after call). The class is structured and students generally know what they will receive every day. There can be times the information can get a bit tedious, but projects involving acting as historical figures and creating scrapbooks, can break up the monotony of the information. 

If you want to take an AP, but are not sure where to start, AP US or APUSH as it is affectionately called, is a good place to start. 

AP Biology

Morgan Melo

A strange scheduling conflict occurred this past year, forcing students to choose to take AP Biology or AP Calculus in person at DHS. As a result the AP Bio enrollment was the smallest it has been in years, which is a shame, because it is a great AP class. Like most AP sciences, it builds on information gained in previous years, which can be difficult because most students in the class are seniors who have not taken biology since freshman year. However, the content is delivered in easily understood packets, and study tools are offered, such as memory joggers and flappers, (which apparently have been used by previous students through college years). Overall, it is a solid AP, challenging, as most science AP’s are, but with the support for students to do well. 

AP Spanish

Morgan Melo

AP Spanish is most definitely the smallest AP class at DHS, with only seven students. Yes, you read that right. Seven. Though it is quite unusual to have a class this size, I would say the students benefit greatly from it. The class revolves around them, in the way they learn and the way best for them to master the material. It is, perhaps, the most student centered class I have ever taken. Now don’t get me wrong, it is also one of the most difficult. Learning a new language is hard, especially when only truly exposed to it one a day at the most. Despite this small amount of time, the information is delivered in a very effective way and is taught to be learned, not just memorized. 

Of all the subjects learned in high school (at least after freshman year) languages are probably the ones you will use most in everyday life. I’m not saying derivatives or literary devices are not important, I am simply saying that, unless you go into a career in that area, it is unlikely you will use it. A new language, however, you might. 

AP Statistics

While it is classified as an AP math class, most students find that it tends to have more English and writing than actual math. For those who are not fans of algebra such as myself, I would suggest this class over calculus any day. The math problem scenarios that we use fit into everyday life, and if they don’t in some cases, you do your own, such as throwing Barbie off the stair railing. The teacher has an infectious personality which makes the overall class atmosphere one of fun learning. That being said, it is an AP class and you are held to high standards. Doing your homework on time (due right before class or you lose a point) keeps you on track. The unit tests are hard and styled after an actual AP test; however, the way they are graded takes into account the fact that you are only a high school student taking a college level course. As for the quizzes, they are taken in groups and become more of a homework check-in because that’s where the questions are directly taken from. However, by just doing the classwork and homework, you will be well prepared for any type of testing, and before every test you are given practice multiple choice and FRQs to prepare you. Ms. Lemieux is also always available during PASE period, a useful tool if one hopes to get ahead in her class. I would definitely recommend AP Stats as a way for students to challenge themselves, earn an AP math credit for their transcripts, and develop a new way of thinking that no other class can offer. 

AP Computer Science (Bosworth)

When I first selected this course, I did so to fulfill a computer science credit requirement. Let me be clear when I say I had no idea how to code, but over the course of the class, I developed a ton of skills, even when I wasn’t paying much attention and had no idea what was going on. In class we created games, projects, and lines of code step-by-step to complete assignments. With only one or two tests per quarter, the majority of your grade comes from projects and classwork, testing to make sure you understand the class content. Mr. Bosworth has an infectious, bubbly personality which makes it difficult not to enjoy the class, even if you don’t like computer science. Although you are stuck in the basement, the classroom creates an interesting atmosphere. The lack of windows are made up for with the bright lights, plants, and tons of nerdy memorabilia behind and on his desk. It is a change of scenery from all of the English and math classes on B and C floor. The prioritization of your truly learning vs studying for a test and forgetting after makes this class low stress and a good learning experience for students, although Mr.Bosworth does understand how important grades are to students and communicates with us at all times. Stopping by to ask a question about a grade or class assignment is easy enough and always taken care of. Overall, I would definitely recommend taking this course as opposed to the other half-credit options or just as a way to boost your GPA and participate in an interesting, creative class for any grade level.

AP Government And Politics

Morgan Melo

Sophomore year I decided to take this class in pursuit of my passion in politics and the government, and it did not disappoint. While I already had an interest in politics and the way the government worked, I learned so much more than I expected. Taken during the hybrid year, the class was easy to follow along at home and in school. Personally, I really enjoyed the lecture and note based class, Ms. McCarron’s knowledge of politics made them enjoyable because she is able to add in side bits of interesting information. Taken during an election year, there was a ton of information to learn and absorb about what was going on in the world and during the election process. With mock-Congress activities, interactive simulations, and Gimkit games, I would highly recommend this class to anyone with an interest in politics who wants to challenge themselves. 

AP World History

Morgan Melo

While AP World is not insanely popular when compared to other AP History classes such as Psych or Government, it is personally one of my favorites. As a huge history person, the content is 10/10 and very interesting. The class moves at a quick pace, with a ton of reading and outside projects which is the greatest downfall. If you fall behind in homework, the consequences will quickly catch up to you, but at the start of each unit there is a posted homework guide which keeps you on track, giving the dates of the upcoming quizzes and tests which is extremely helpful. With lots of reading quizzes and large at-home assignments, the class is definitely hard to tackle, but with all this aside, Ms. Enoksen is a very understanding teacher who clearly enjoys the content of the class. Highly lecture and reading based, the class itself is interesting however, I would not recommend taking this class if you do not feel like putting in adequate effort, as this is truly an AP level course. 

AP English Language and Composition

Morgan Melo

The first AP English class offered sophomore year, and I would highly recommend it. Personally, I took the AP Lang and Seminar class; however the Lang portion was definitely a highlight. The skills that you develop when writing the three major AP essays stick with you throughout your high school career. A synthesis paper, rhetorical analysis, and argumentative paper are the major components of the AP test besides the multiple choice. By the end of the year you are more than prepared to ace this test, through lots of practice with multiple choice both in class and at home. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants a more challenging English class. It is stimulating without being seriously overwhelming. Surely a class that fits in with other APs and manageable with proper time management.