March Horoscopes



Assistant Editor Avary Amaral’s horoscopes map the month out for you.

Editors’ Note: All horoscope predictions are based off baseline tarot card reading for each sign in the month of March. Interpretation of reading is what determines the prediction, so please note that interpretations are open to your personal experiences and can vary between people.

March Overall

Starting off the month with a blast of renewal on the 2nd with a New Moon, this upcoming month will be centered around new beginnings. Embrace this by taking a moment to breath, reflect on the past few days, and give yourself time to change for the better. Maybe adopt a new habit you’ve been meaning to pick up like reading before bed, or kick an old habit that has been weighing you down. After the first two months of the year, emotions might be in fluctuation, so remind yourself to clear your head and ground your feelings every now and then.


This month for you is a time to let go of perceived expectations; allow your mind to be open letting possibility and opportunity be welcomed in. March’s New Moon in Pisces combines this openness with your friendships, so focus on spending time with those who are closest to you while also leaving room for new people in your life. Don’t let your baseline confrontational nature force anything; let the universe flow to you.

Your days: 3-6 & 29


Don’t be afraid to try new things! March is a time period of adventure and discovery for your sign, so dive a little deeper into who you are by indulging in an expressive hobby like painting or creative writing. Let your emotion shine through the next few weeks, talk through your thoughts and feelings with someone you trust, and open up to what those around you can offer in the sense of emotional growth.

Your days: 7 & 8


You’re in luck, this month is about support in your work, whether that be in school, your career, or a personal improvement endeavor. Individuality is key; focus on your own development, ask yourself what your goals in life are, what type of person you want to be, and how you can incorporate this into your work life. Feel open to asking for support but also remind yourself that you are capable of achieving things on your own, too.

Your days: 8-11


Advice for the month of March includes romanticizing your life and recharging your daily world with the things that fill you with happiness and fulfillment. This could take form in giving yourself an extra 10 minutes before school or work to brew a cup of coffee or even dropping a Hershey Kiss into your lunchbox for a delightful surprise later on. Take a moment every once in a while to notice the small details in your life that make you grateful to wake up every morning.

Your days: 11-13


Find balance in doing something creative. March may bring up underlying issues of trust within friendships and relationships. Now is the time to work through it, tie up any loose ends and secure your support system. Along with this, give yourself a break and do something that stimulates your mind, write a few haikus, or doodle on a scrap of paper. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, collage journaling may be the way to go, combining contemplation with an art form.

Your days: 13-16


Extend your mental perception of the future. March will challenge you intellectually. To feed your mind, try finding a new podcast or magazine to subscribe to that opens you up to a new aspect of life. A little imagination and ideation never hurts; instead of spending all your mental energy on work and school, redirect it into an outlet that stimulates possibility. Design your dream home or plan out a fantasy vacation.

Your days: 16-18


Focus on your friendships and familial connections, take the chance to step back and ask yourself what type of relationships you want in your life, and what you can do to make that a reality. After this reflection, find sanctuary from everyday stress in retreat with a loved one. Plan a day out or make a mini book club together. March is the perfect time of the year to reach out and re-establish any relationships that you have been missing.

Your days: 18-20


Feeling sentimental recently? March for you will bring on tender love as long as you can learn to tap into your sensitive side; it’s okay to break down your walls once in a while and have real connection with someone other than yourself. Be mindful of your interactions with your loved ones. Vulnerability sometimes isn’t a weakness but a strength; it allows you to learn more about who you are.

Your days: 20-22


Time to create the environment that best suits you. Maybe the beginning of this year has been draining or you’re just finding it difficult to get motivated. One solution is to rejuvenate. Move some furniture around in your room or home office, print out or buy some music posters to decorate your room. Fill a water bottle every night to place by your bed or light some candles and incense. Make your surroundings match your energy.

Your days: 22-24


Wealth and communication will be important this month, so set your mind to any career related goals and orient yourself around them. They will most likely lead you to money-related success. Communicate with yourself and others about what your goals for the future look like. Converse about it, and in that way, manifest it because it’s not always a bad idea to think about the “what if”s.” They can result in some unexpectedly gratifying scenarios.

Your days: 24-26


Famously known for your originality and experimental character, take the month to retreat from the self-imposed responsibility of needing to always be involved and active; take the month to yourself. Self-reflect on your life and your role in it. How do you want your everyday lifestyle to look like? What aspects of your routine do you want to change or improve on? Take your experimenting nature and use it to test out new ways of living and figure out what habits and activities gratify your life mission.

Your days: 1, 26-29


March will for sure be a period of intense energy for you; it does after all start with a New Moon in Pisces, highlighting the deepest parts of life and self-discovery. You may find yourself looking for reason and purpose, so entertain these thoughts and see where they take you. Philosophical motivations this month are the perfect hook to allow you to see your current position in your life on a bigger scale, re-evaluating your values. Be aware that this could invoke some strong emotions as well.

Your days: 1-3, 29-31