Birkenstock Bostons: Fashion or Fad?

Look at those Birks.

Katie Canniff

Look at those Birks.

When people think of clogs, the common image that comes to mind is often old fashioned and wooden, but the shoe company Birkenstock has changed that image into a more modern and fashionable wardrobe staple. The Birkenstock Bostons embrace and reinvent the old-fashioned clog design and have recently been all the rage on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram despite the style being available since the 1980s. So why the sudden burst of popularity? They aren’t necessarily the flashiest shoe on the market, bought most commonly in beige, brown, or black, but their comfortability certainly makes them a must have in my closet.   

Dubbed this fall’s “it shoe,” the Bostons are difficult to attain, being sold out on various websites. If you can get your hands on a pair, the price of the shoe may leave a bad taste in your mouth, ranging from $120 to a staggering $230 on the Birkenstock website. Nevertheless, their popularity persists, and they are one of Birkenstocks’ best sellers. The Bostons feature a closed toe design paired with an exposed heel. Offered in a selection of neutral colors and leathers (oiled, suede, smooth, etc.) the shoe always comes equipped with Birkenstocks’ signature metal buckle. 

When I asked senior Jessica Dagget her opinions on the Bostons, she came back with a mixed response. Having purchased them as a result of one of her own friend’s influence, she disliked how quickly they became water stained. 

Beth Canniff commented on their durability, mentioning that she had owned a pair for about 10 years in the 1990s. Overall, my favorite part of the shoe is its versatility. They can successfully be worn with almost any outfit. Bostons also make a seamless transition throughout the seasons. Unlike many sandals and boots that are primarily worn in one season, these shoes work well with both summer shorts and long pants.  The neutrality of the color options available for the Bostons leaves room for statement pieces in my outfits, while not clashing with any bright colors or loud patterns I decided to put on that day. While they don’t necessarily push the boundaries of modern fashion, their simplicity is what makes me so drawn to them. 

  The Birkenstock Bostons have proven to be a controversial piece of fashion, with many people questioning if they are “fashion forward” enough to splurge on. Nicknamed by my friends “pilgrim shoes,” are they a must have or a huge pass?  For me, the Bostons are a crucial item in my closet, making it hard for me to put on any other shoes in the morning. After having them for about a year I can confidently say that they live up to their title of this season’s “it shoe.”