Spectrum Playlist – William Fang

William Fang/Spotify

Song 1: “The Soviet National Anthem”

This song inspires one to drive off invaders and lay down your life for the motherland! A must-hear for any Marxist.

Song 2: “Baba Yetu”

The Lord’s Prayer, in Swahili, composed by a Chinese-American. The tune represents the true global nature of humanity, and evokes the strength we have in unison.

Song 3: “Concerning Hobbits”

Listen…. And relax. This song is upbeat, and has a rustic air. Enjoy!

Song 4: “Hell March”

Heavy rock and a strong drum rhythm create a sense of forward march. A good background track to getting things done, mostly because it sounds like a montage track.

Song 5: “Dragonhearted (TryHardNinja/Captainsparklez)”

One of my childhood favorites, this is a classic that should not be forgotten.

Song 6: “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Main Theme”

The soundtrack from this game is the single best video game soundtrack ever, and you need to hear this one tidbit.

Song 7: “Planet Earth II Main Theme”

Like the cinematography, the backing music to BBC’s documentaries are awe-inspiring. Hats off to Hans Zimmer!

Song 8: TF2 – “MEDIC!”

A jazzy action theme from one of the most classic games of the 2000s.

Song 9: “Caramelldansen”

Don’t know what I like about it. Maybe it’s the dance tune, or else the fast beat. Whatever it is, this is worth a listen.

Song 10: “The Last Goodbye”

The emotion behind this song is profound. Maybe you’ll care, maybe not. But fans of The Hobbit will know what this song represents.