DHS boys and girls sports are on a roll


In the past few years, DHS girls and boys sports have both been making a name for themselves in New England.

The DHS Varsity Football Team has been making history, winning back-to-back state championships.  With the loss of key running back Chris Martin, many fans were worried about how the team would perform this year.

“Losing Chris really stinks,” said senior captain Colin McCabe, “but we’ve had the whole team step up to fill for him.”  However, despite the loss of Chris along with many other key players, the Indians still refuse to accept defeat, having just won their conference and preparing for the opening playoff round at home Friday against Walpole.

Last season’s team of state champions only allowed two losses to Middleboro and Bridgewater-Raynham.  But this year’s team has shown its strength with wins over both Middleboro, B-R, and new opponent LaSalle, who proved to be a solid competitor in a nail-biting game.  As the end of that game approached, the Indians were losing and there was no room for error. However, one mistake transformed into the most exciting touchdown this season.

With less than a minute left, a kick by senior captain Liam Caulfield was the team’s only hope. After a bad snap, junior Nate Ellis was able to retrieve the ball and make a throw to senior Miles Linhares for the winning touchdown.

Currently on a 15-game winning streak, the team has continued to prove itself in its recent win against Bridgewater-Raynham, which have not been defeated by the Indians since 2008.

“It’s something we haven’t accomplished in so long, and we did it tonight,” said senior captain Cole Jacobsen after their 13-6 victory.  Two-year starting quarterback Jacobsen proved to be a real star that Friday and led the team offensively, accounting for 215 of the Indians’ 262 total yards.

Along with these tough games also come some easier victories, like the most recent win over New Bedford.  While many fans shivered at the chilliest game yet, the Indians on the field were on fire winning 32-0 on Friday night.

After so much success this early in the season, many are wondering if Gillette Stadium could be in their future for a third year in a row.  After their win over New Bedford, the Indians were ranked fifth in the state, and second in their division. “We just have to work real hard,” said McCabe. “Nothing can be predicted.”

In addition to the success on the boys side, the DHS Girls Varsity Volleyball Team has been seeing their fair share of victories as well.  Despite the loss of three key seniors from last year’s team, the girls have worked hard to get a 13-4 record thus far.  With hitters Skylar Barthelmes and Bailey Peach and setter Emma Caneira gone, the team turned to some new underclassmen to fill the gaps.

Freshmen Lindsey Oliveira and Cierra Yim have both stepped up to the plate and helped the team tremendously.  Starting her volleyball career at age 11, Cierra Yim has made her way to DHS where she is playing as the new starting setter. Though they felt slightly intimidated at first, “Lindsey and Cierra are already a part of the family,” said co-captain Victoria LaBree.

“We always forget they are so young,” said LaBree. “They can handle anything we throw at them.”  Being new on a team that has played together before is typically a stressful, intimidating experience, but Cierra and Lindsey were able to fit right in. “All the upperclassmen are very welcoming towards [Lindsey and me] being on the team as freshmen,” said Yim.  The team has been growing stronger and closer, benefitting them both on and off the court.

“With each game, we are becoming more compatible together and that much better of a team,” said LaBree.

In addition to their strength on the court, the team has been successful off the court as well, raising over $800 for the Dig Pink Foundation. During their game against New Bedford, cookies, snacks, ribbons, and raffle tickets were sold to support breast cancer awareness. Thankfully, their fundraising success came with a nice win against New Bedford as well. “The win was the icing on the cake,” said LaBree. “We played our hearts out to have the game end in our favor. I think it was a well-matched game.”