Court Chemistry: DHS JV Boys Basketball

Chemistry. A scientific branch involving substances, changes, and natural laws. Nonetheless, isn’t chemistry simply everything that makes up any singular thing? Even though the term is used nonchalantly both scientifically and romantically, it is most brilliant when regarding the human experience itself. It is tricky to find that darned human chemistry, but believe it or not, it might just be right in front of you. 

With a consecutive 7-game winning streak at the end of the season, DHS’s very own 2023 JV Boys Basketball team held an allure of charm on and off the court this winter. The team’s 12 players created a captivating dynamic of bond and harmony that assimilated into wondrous gameplay. 

Head Coach Adam Braga focused on perfecting and running game plays, even if that means slowing down, persistently motivated the boys, resulting in a headstrong season. Assistant Coach Dante Ramos, who played basketball for four years at DHS, built an unmatched connection with the boys. “He’s like an older brother,” said point guard Markus Andrews. Coach Ramos has taught the boys to move on and look forward in life, both on and off the court. With equitable opposition this season, the team finished with a 9-8 record. 

Jackson Hart, nicknamed “Jumbo” by his teammates, due to his father’s participation in Tufts University (the Jumbos) baseball, has played nearly every position this winter season. A strong fourth quarter player, Jumbo is constantly radiating contagious game energy. “There is never a single dull moment,” says Jumbo. 

Perpetually smiling Markus Andrews is a complete playmaker, continually working hard during times of adversity. Andrews says, “I’m always having fun. Even if we are running sprints, it’s always a good time.” 

Likewise Thomas Quinn, a forward/center, and motivated team player, propels everyone around him to strive to always make their best effort. “Stay the course, and it’ll all work out” Quinn said when asked the most important lesson he’d learnt from the season thus far. 

The three boys, who have played together since the sixth grade, hold a bond nearly too special to be brought into sports. “It’s like a family,” said Andrews. Creating a close circle, they can pick one another up during any hassle. Really, what can be built on the court if nothing is built off it? 

Although game scores haven’t been the most memorable factor of this season, a strong comeback against Durfee conveyed a strong sense of solidarity for the team and the season as a whole. In a first-round loss, Dartmouth was hit hard, as the Hilltoppers started fast with high accuracy. Although, in a second round strong-willed comeback, Dartmouth, holding a secure game plan in motion, began energetic, hitting multiple three-pointers and packing the paint to recover, tying in to take the win just three points ahead. Generally, the team’s biggest opponent this past season was Bridgewater-Raynham. Although Dartmouth continued bringing the effort, cutting down BR’s 23 point lead to 12 in just a minute. 

Not to mention a contending end to the season in an epic final game against Dennis-Yarmouth. A tight game, both teams began fast and vigorous. Dartmouth taking the 1st quarter, Dennis Yartmouth concluded with a win, though a final score of 90-86 is no match for the overall diligence from both teams. 

These boys have had an enthralling season filled with perseverance, laughter, and hardship. The tight-knit team persistently carried a captivating balance between jokes and focus. Family-like connections built and brought to the court made for a season to remember.

Team chemistry is difficult to come by, but these boys are swimming in it.