The Spectrum

2019-2020 Staff

Co-Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Bacdayan

Jonathan Bacdayan

Jonathan is a senior who has been with the Spectrum since taking the journalism elective in his freshman year, becoming co-editor this year. A member of the band program, he enjoys music, as well as chess and other esoteric pursuits.

Co-Editor-in-Chief Molly Rioux

Molly Rioux

Molly Rioux is a junior at DHS. This is her first year as the Editor-In-Chief for the Spectrum. She was named the Co-Editor for the 2019-20 school year after completing two courses of journalism her freshman year. The 2020-21...

Assistant Editor Diogo Fernandes Tavares

Diogo Fernandes Tavares

Diogo is a senior who has been a part of the Spectrum since freshman year. He is interested in speaking and informing people about the truth. Diogo is a dual citizen in America and Portugal, and his uncles were Cape Verdean recordin...

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