Do you accept the challenge?


After Rachel’s Challenge came to DHS on Wednesday, October 23, the name Rachel Joy Scott and her message became very familiar to DHS students.

Many of the sophomores and juniors who attended the presentation of Rachel’s message agree that it was a moving and emotional experience.

Rachel Joy Scott was a student and the first victim of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting in Colorado. Rachel was a loving and caring person who stood up for and helped as many people as she could. “I’m really glad we’re taking a tragedy and turning it into a positive, life-changing program,” said sophomore Victoria Dias.

“It made me appreciate everyone I’m surrounded by,” said sophomore Emma Clune. “It was overall just an emotionally sobering experience.”

The Zeiterion Theater in New Bedford also offered a special viewing of Rachel’s Challenge and welcomed members of the community to attend.

Many enjoyed the presentation because of the message it spread, such as sophomore Katie McGuire, who said, “I enjoyed it because it showed an average girl with extraordinary dreams making an impact on the world.”

Spanish teacher Gizela Cabral-Pinto stressed the moral obligation of the message when she said, “If you are a part of Rachel’s Challenge or not, it is just as much your responsibility to make a difference.”

The presentation showed many aspects of Rachel’s life and discussed her personal beliefs. The challenges which were shared with the sophomores and juniors are to:

1. Look for the Best in Others

2. Dream Big

3. Choose Positive Influences

4. Speak with Kindness

5. Start Your Own Chain Reaction

After the showing, a handful of students were selected to become leaders of the Friends of Rachel Club (FOR). Junior Stephanie Garcia, who was chosen as a leader, said, “I feel like the club will last long and continue the Rachel’s challenge message.”

Junior Tanera Smoot said, “It should have been not only shown to the sophomores and juniors, but to the freshmen, too, so they know what is appropriate and what’s not.”  The whole student body should be promoting Rachel’s Challenge’s positive message.

“If you have the people and the time to keep it organized then the club will succeed,” said junior Jack McCabe, a member of the club.

The aim of the club is to promote Rachel’s Challenge’s message among the student body and spread the chain reaction of kindness.