Having a Reel Good Time in This Club


Andrew Banno

The Fishing Club is already reeling them.

AS WE’RE APPROACHING the two month mark of school, students who participate in sports and clubs crowd the hallways after the chime of the final bell. This year, Dartmouth High’s new Fishing Club has been catching the interest of many students in our community.

Junior Andrew Banno is the founder of the Fishing Club with AP Environmental Science teacher and adviser Matthew Tweedie, supervising meetings after school. Banno applied for the PTO sponsored spring mini-grant with the help of Robotics teacher, Mr. Brodski. The PTO was able to allocate $500 for the club which has been spent on lures, baits, and combos for novice fishers who might not have the supplies.

Matt shared the experience of fishing with me, and I loved it and so I wanted more people to experience fishing and to feel the passion I did. There’s nothing like catching your first fish.

— Junior Andrew Banno

Banno runs the club with junior Matt Carol who helps with the technical aspect of fishing on the water. Both wanted to share their love of fishing with the rest of the student body. Banno said, “Matt shared the experience of fishing with me, and I loved it and so I wanted more people to experience fishing and to feel the passion I did. There’s nothing like catching your first fish.”

Junior James George, a novice fisher, supports this as he caught his first fish with members of the group. George has always wanted to learn how to fish and felt the fishing club provided a prime opportunity to learn. He was ecstatic when he caught his first fish. “When I caught my first fish,” he said, “it was one of the greatest accomplishments of my life so far.”

Mr. Tweedie, believes the club is a great addition to the DHS Community. He thinks the club can help students get into a sport that is accessible while learning the logistics of fishing. Students can now meet new people who share the same enjoyment of fishing. “It’s a place for students who enjoy fishing to get together with friends who share a common interest,” he said.

Senior Jocelynn Jerome was skeptical of the club at first, but is glad she joined. Jerome, who once solely fished with live baits, has started experimenting with different lures with the help of the club. “I’ve really been enjoying the club so far,” she said, “and I’ve learned so many different things about equipment and techniques to use since joining.”

Senior Adam Veloso, an angler of 11 years, was also doubtful when learning of the new club’s establishment. “When I heard from my friend Sean,” he said. “I thought he was joking but then he said he was serious.” After internal deliberation, he thought the club would be a fun and “wicked cool,” activity so he signed himself up during the club fair. He is enjoying every second of the club so far. He views the club as a relief from the stresses of school and finds amusement in seeing others catch fish, especially if it’s their first time. He cannot wait to see what the year has to offer for the club.

Banno and Carol want to fight against the stereotype of fishing as a game of “sitting and waiting” as Banno put it. “There’s a lot of different lures and baits needed to use the fish.”  Fishing is much more than knowing how to cast and reel in. Species identification, lures baits and tools, and tides are all factors in fishing that many people may not recognize. Both want to exhibit the differences in saltwater and freshwater and have stressed the importance of bringing the club to many different locations.

To support the club for future years, the boys are hoping to plan a fishing derby where people can enter to fish for prizes. It’s not too late to join the fishing club with meetings in Mr. Tweedie’s room, directly after school on Mondays, with fishing trips planned weekly, depending on a general consensus of the group’s availability.

As a member of the fishing club and a beginner to the activity myself, I can genuinely express my enjoyment when I caught my first fish with the club. Whether you’re an experienced fisher or picking up a pole for the first time, the club is a positive environment and really focuses on the love and passion of fishing.