Diogo’s Spotify Playlist 10.10.19

This is the big finale of my high school career, and it’s easy to lose focus when senioritis is around the corner (hopefully I am not diagnosed before 2020). I need reminders so I can stay concentrated on the end goal – to graduate. These eight songs I curated don’t allow me to be in a complacent state.

We Gonna Make It” ft The Lox by Jadakiss

The top-five rapper of all time, dead or alive, Jadakiss proclaims “we gon make it” because we are determined, and that is half the battle. Jadakiss’s first three bars – “F*** that Frail Shit/Cause when my coke come in/They gotta use the scale that they weight the whale with” – should motivate you to either weigh a whale or finish that AP Bio.

Wavy (Interlude)” ft James Fauntleroy by SZA

This is an unapologetic bop. “Sayin’ tomorrow I’ll get the dishes/Never come,” said SZA; the song is about self-interest and being responsible for only yourself. I want to be sure I accomplish my goals before I get out of Dartmouth High.

Inglorious” ft Skepta by Slowthai 

The song’s chorus is what you sing when you are feeling overwhelmed -“Inglorious bastard, phenomenal, abdominal/Put a hole in an obstacle, yeah.” The song of a powerful cadence because two angry British dudes are basically braggadociously yelling, and sometimes I need British hype men telling me that I can overcome any obstacles. 

Biking” ft Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator by Frank Ocean

Jay Z opens the songs in cryptic fashion, telling Frank that life comes full circle like a bicycle tire. Frank agrees. He decides to bike in tranquil so he doesn’t become overwhelmed from aging – “On my lapel, at the table, I’m givin’ a toast/The first wedding that I’ve been in my twenties.” Senior year is scary because growing up is one of the hardest tasks I have to encounter, but this song is a reminder of the important message ‘grow old, but don’t look old.’ I am looked up upon by default since I am a senior, but I don’t want to feel old. Also, I have to be responsible. So catch me this year bringing home a freshman with no ride while blasting “Big TIme Rush.”

New Patek” by Lil Uzi Vert 

“New Patek” is an energizer. A burst of energy will be delivered to the brain, and you WILL dance. The famous video snippet of Philadelphia rapper Lil Uzi Vert dancing to the song WILL make you dance even more. If overwhelmed, tired, or nervous, you should definitely listen to this song. I play this song to MOVE, and it helps. 

Bullet From A Gun” by Skepta

Listening to Skepta is like reading a poem by Lao Tze. His brutal but poetic style of rapping and his grimy British accent makes man listen. “Bullet From A Gun” has a lot of messages like: “See it’s too easy to write a sad song about how my dad raise me/’Cause I’m looking in the mirror and/my dad made me/A real top boy I just can’t play the victim” or “I found my way home/Then I saw my granddad’s name on the gravestone, the same as mine/Already dead, nothing to fear, I been here from time.” I have no reason to complain about my high school career; I mean, yes, I endured three different schedules, but I also learned to be adaptive and resilient. 

Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick raps “Bitch don’t kill my vibe, bitch don’t kill my vibe/I can feel your energy from two planets away,” and I felt that. If you see me vibing while I’m working on Duolingo or PreCalc homework, and you have the audacity to disturb the VIBE. Shame on you!

7 Rings” by Ariana Grande

I can’t conclude my playlist without Ariana. Her recent album, “Thank You, Next,” is full of anthems of loss and gain, and “7 Rings,” an album highlight, is about the gain. When you feel impeccable, unstoppable, and unrestful, it’s because it’s true. The song reminds me no one can stop me.