Dartmouth’s Finest: Coronavirus Edition


Bridget Taylor

Dartmouth’s Finest will be live streamed on Friday night beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Dartmouth’s Finest will be streamed live Friday night beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Donations to the Class of 2021 can be made at their GoFundMe page.

Jared Morin

Decided to do Dartmouth’s Finest so he could “end senior year off with a bang and to have a good time with the boys.” Despite the name change Jared thinks that there’s nothing “we can really do about it and we just need to make the best of the opportunity we have.” His favorite part of the show was the dance “cause I get groovy with it. Ms. Kelly knows what she’s doing with it.” Confident with his ability to win, Morin plans on “taking home the crown as number one.” Jared is a senior at DHS and a member of the DHS football and basketball teams. He enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, and going to concerts. He describes his music taste, saying, “If it ain’t rap, it ain’t for me.” His competitive edge makes him feel, “if I’m ever doing something, I got to be the best at it, and if there’s no winner, it ain’t no fun and it ain’t for me.”

Ethan Moniz

Ethan chose to do Dartmouth’s Finest this year “because ever since he was a freshman I thought it would be a fun time doing it with my friends, a way to remember senior year, and I won’t forget it for the rest of my life.” Just like Morin, Ethan’s favorite part about putting the show together was “learning the new dances and doing something I’ve [he’d] never done before.” Expecting the show to go well and be humorous, Ethan’s top three predictions were Nate, Camden, and himself. Moniz is currently a senior at DHS while also being committed to Framingham State, majoring in special education, and being an avid baseball player.

Ewan Oliveira

Choosing to do Dartmouth’s Finest this year, Ewan decided that he “would regret not doing it with the boys.” A touchy subject this year between administration and the student body was the name change; Ewan mentioned how “nothing really changed and people will realize that when they come to the show.”  His favorite part of the everyday rehearsals after school was “hanging out with everyone every day and seeing the show come together. I’m expecting high energy from everyone in the crowd; the top three is up for grabs, some are doing actual talents and some are doing the comedic aspect.” Committed to Bridgewater State, Ewan is a member of the DHS football, track, and lacrosse teams and has a lively personality.

William Smith

The tall blond surfer boy decided to do Dartmouth’s Finest this year because he thought it would be a “great opportunity to make people laugh and to have a good time.” Over the span of the last two weeks and consisting of many practices both in and outside of school, Smith’s favorite part of putting the show together has been “the connection between each one of us. I think we’ve all grown together and shown sides of ourselves which I find very beautiful.” His expectation for Friday’s show was to sell out and honestly does not know who the top three winners will be. William spends his time outdoors, skating and surfing at The Landing. Smith actually makes his own surfboards which you can find on Instagram @arc_surfboards.

Mason James Benti 

Mr. Benti decided to do Dartmouth’s Finest this year because “Diogo forced me too against my will.” To him the disagreement over the name change was stupid. “It’s just a name. I understand the whole principle of tradition, but in the end it’s still the same thing.” When asked about the expectations for Friday’s show, he expected a landslide victory “in my favor. The other guys put up a good fight, but they’re going to flunk out.” If Mason had to pick the top three winners it would be “me, myself,, and I but if I had to make room for all the other peasants – I mean contestants, sorry, I would say me, Nate Stone, and probably Camden.” Benti doesn’t know what college he’s going to, but enjoys reading a good book and writing. “I’m an artist, both musically and with the pen.” Able to speak both a little bit of Portuguese and German, Mason feels that he has an enormous personality.

Diogo Fernandes Tavares

Deciding to do Dartmouth’s Finest because “I wanted to win,” Diogo also “didn’t care” about the name change (from Mr. Dartmouth to Dartmouth’s Finest) because “I just want to win.” The rehearsals so far for Tavares have been “fun” and he has been late to the stage for practicing the group dance more than once. His favorite part of putting the show together was the “dancing,” often leaving him visibly sweating from the amount of effort he puts in. Friday’s show he predicts will be “awesome” and the top three winners will be “me, myself, and I.” Learning the dance has been “easy,” and his talent will involve reciting some of his own poetry. In his free time Diogo is an editor for DHS’s The Spectrum, listens to (and loves) Playboi Cardi, Nas, and Jay-Z’s music. 

Nate Stone

Standing at 6’2 along with the ability to solve a Rubik’s Cube in under a minute, Stone decided to do Dartmouth’s Finest this year because “I thought it would be a really great experience to have fun with people that I’ve been going to school with for four years, and to make a fool of myself for the benefit of other people.” For Stone, the rehearsals so far have gone “really well. I’m looking forward to a great night.” The rehearsals have also been one of his favorite parts of putting the show together. As for learning the dances, “with a recovering ACL [injury] it’s a little bit hard, but it’s going great.” Nate had no predictions about who will be the top three for Friday’s show. “People are still getting their acts together, and I won’t know until the night of.” Stone tried drama for the first time this year, while playing soccer and lacrosse. He is an extremely active person despite a torn ACL with a talent that showcases his beautiful voice.

Travis Tetrault

Travis’s act for Friday night took a unique perspective on stand-up comedy. Using the technology the show had available, Travis describes his talent as “stand up comedy, but it’s on a screen.” His predictions for the top three finalists were himself, Ethan, and Diogo. Personally, Travis T found that putting the show together “was a little rough at first. I had to figure out what I was going to do and say for my talent.” Once Travis managed to figure out what he was going to do and say, the rest of the show was a breeze for him. Describing himself as “a wild guy,” Travis mentioned his nickname was “diesel” and that “I go anywhere wild.”

Andrew Banno

Banno decided to do Dartmouth’s Finest because “it’s a great way to wrap up senior year, to get close with all the boys, and to just have a really fun time.” His talent includes singing and playing the piano. “I find it nerve racking because this is my first time playing in front of a big audience.”  Andrew found that the rehearsals “have gone really well.” A popular part of Friday’s show is the group dance which is also Andrew’s favorite part. “The dance is hilarious and super fun, and it’s fun hanging out with the guys and getting closer.” Personally, putting the dance together was “hard at first but then I got it easily. Big thanks to Ms. Kelly for putting it together.” When asked about Friday’s show, Andrew mentioned he was “staying open minded” and that “everyone has a good talent and is capable of winning.” His top three expectations for the show’s winners could be anyone. “Everyone has the capability of winning. The top three are going to have to put on a good show.” Andrew snowboards, fishes, and plays deck hockey with the boys in his free time.

Camden Lawton

This soccer player decided to do Dartmouth’s Finest this year because “I thought it was going to be a ton of fun and a great experience, and there’s a great group of kids doing it.” His escort for Friday’s show is Lindsey Olivera, their friendship going way back, but Camden remembers “having chemistry with her in sophomore year. We both struggled in that class.” For him, the rehearsals so far have actually been a lot of fun. I get excited for the practices and getting everyone together. Feeling like “the shows have been coming together really well,” Lawton expects Friday’s show to “be really good, go really well, and really come together. It’ll be something to remember.” When asked about predictions for Friday’s show he said, “I really can’t say. I think everyone has an equal chance, and whoever wins will be the most deserving.” Camden can be found playing soccer, skiing, and going to the beach with his friends.