Rosa’s Guidance #1


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Ask Rosa for her advice. Please enter questions into the Google Form linked at the top of the article. Email addresses are not being collected.

Ask for Rosa’s Guidance. Please enter questions into this Google Form. Email addresses are not being collected.


“Trouble with my diet” 

My Advice:

From this short response I will be assuming that you are trying to have a more healthful diet. To do this you must think back to the food plate that most of us have learned in elementary school.

You have to try your best to eat vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, and drink lots of water every day. That may not be easy and that’s okay. If you have a day when you didn’t exactly stick to your plan that is okay, just try to understand the reason why you strayed away because nothing bad will happen in just one day or one big meal.

It will be easier to start off slowly and not just completely change your diet all at once. So, at first you could try to get rid of all the junk food in your house, try to eat a healthy breakfast every day, and portion your food. What you are putting in your body is the most important thing, so educate yourself on what you should be eating and trying to avoid.

I encourage you to check out this website from the Australian government for more information on what you should do.

You’ve got this! If you are ever having trouble and are lacking motivation just try to remember that this will be good for your body and your mental health. According to Sutter Health, a healthful diet has also been proven to help decrease the symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

I asked a teacher at this school what advice he would give to you, and this is what he has said:

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle or lose weight, then he recommends educating yourself on being healthy. It’s best to learn about what you should be eating, what to avoid, and how many calories you should eat a day. If you don’t know what you are doing or what to do, then it will be hard to see results.

While doing your research, he recommends learning about what a healthy portion of food is. A good way to do this could be using the Healthy Eating Plate for reference. Next is to try to keep what you eat consistent. To do this you could use the app called “MyFitnessPal” because it tracks what you have eaten and tells you what is in the food you are eating. For example, try eating the same snacks everyday and watch your sodium intake, because high sodium could lead to water retention and bloating. Overall, try to remember healthy food, healthy choices.


“What should I do to make my last couple of weeks of high school the best?”

My Advice:

Depending on what you hold close to you or what your plans are after you graduate, my advice could change, so I will give you some different things you could do. The number one thing to do would be to relax. You have been in school for basically your whole life and now you are at the finish line. Enjoy yourself, go out with friends, or hangout with your family because if you plan on moving out then you might not ever see them again or only see them four or five times a year.

To get the full end-of-year experience, you should try to do things that might be out of your comfort zone. Talk to people in the class you’ve never talked to or at lunch. You might have a great conversation, and if not, you lost nothing. I would also try to participate in any senior activities that are happening. Prom, After Prom, the senior prank, and the senior sunset. These are great activities to hang out with your friends and your classmates, most of whom you probably won’t see again.

So, overall my advice is to go out and have fun if you have friends that are dear to you, but don’t forget about your family. They love you and would probably enjoy it if you were to watch a movie with them or have a family fun night. Depending on your relationship with them, even a full conversation could do. 

Here is what a fellow senior is doing in her last days of high school:  

“My Advice would be to just relax and enjoy yourself. Ever since I got into my college I told myself that. Beforehand I would stress myself out about absences and homework but since I got accepted, I have told myself that after this certain time, I will not touch any school work, go to bed, or watch TV.” – DHS Senior

Here is advice from an English 12 Teacher:

“It sounds cliche and a bit obvious, but you will never get this time back. Enjoy it. Soak it all up and most importantly, be proud of this huge accomplishment. Spend these last few weeks tying any loose ends up in your classes. Make sure you have everything turned in and you are good to go. That’s the boring stuff that I have to say as a teacher, but it’s also very important. Once that is all taken care of, just have fun, create memories and live in the moment.”  –  DHS English 12 Teacher