New Student Council Adviser: A peaceful transfer of power


Joshua Moniz

New student council adviser Caitlin McCarron.

Note: Josh Moniz, the writer of this article, is a current member of the Student Council.

After years of overseeing the Student Governments of DHS, Psychology Teacher LynnVicente is passing over the torch to the new advisor of Student Council, History Teacher Caitlin McCarron.  Ms. Vicente has kept the torch burning strongly, but everything must come to an end at some point. She plans to retire after this school year and would like to ensure a smooth transition.

Ms. McCarron attended high school in South Hadley, MA, where she participated in the art, environmental and political science clubs.  She also developed her passion for history and government. Currently, she teaches a variety of history courses including Government and Politics, and United States History Ⅱ this year.  She also coaches Girls Track here at DHS. Her teaching and coaching background has provided leadership that prepared her for the advisor position.

The DHS Student Government serves as a connection between faculty and students.  It allows students not only to have a voice in their school, but meet other like-minded students as well. Student council also aims to ensure the conditions and atmosphere of the school remain in the best interest of the students.

Ms. McCarron is enthusiastic about her new role.  She said, “I am really interested in Government and Politics, and I saw student council as an opportunity to be a part of student involvement in our school.”

Ms. McCarron’s overall goals sum up the purpose of Student Council. She aims “to keep student council a strong program and voice in our school,” she said.  However, as a personal goal, she wishes to build strong connections with students. Student council provides different methods and ways of interaction and communication between teachers and students.

Similarly, senior Jonathan Bacdayan, treasurer of student council, plans on a year filled with “regular communication with administration.” Student council leaders look forward to working together with administration to build stronger connections within the school.

“I enjoy the ability to have a voice in change,” said Bacdayan.  Bacdayan is optimistic towards this school year’s student council and can’t wait to work with Ms. McCarron.  He explains he is excited because “Ms. McCarron has a lot of passion” for her students and Student Council.

“I am taking a backseat this year. I would like to see the members address their own issues,” said Ms. McCarron.

A flow of communication is a common goal between officers and advisor alike. In student council meetings, members discuss arising concerns in the school.  Then, they formulate and organize their perspective on the issue. This year’s president, senior Finn Helgesen, then meets with administration and discusses the thoughts of student council members.  

This year, topics of discussion include concerns over the student parking lot and the new 7 Plus Personalization schedule, implemented this year.  Members have also expressed thoughts on some controversial issues, such as the title of “Dartmouth’s Best” replacing “Mr. Dartmouth.”

In conjunction with her coaching in Girls track and teaching, Ms. McCarron believes her new role will further expand on her relationships with students.  She is excited about the “opportunity to work with students outside the classroom and build relationships.”