You’re going to need a bigger water bottle


Biology and Marine Science Teacher Matthew Tweedie and the Environmental Club are starting to raise money for another water bottle station to be installed on the C-floor.

Mr. Tweedie advises the Environmental Club, which last year raised funds for the first water bottle station that is located next to the Athletic Hall of Fame as you walk into school. The school later put another station on A floor after noticing how many plastic water bottles we were saving.

The water bottle stations have saved over one million plastic water bottles. The cost for one water bottle station is around $900.

Mr. Tweedie is hoping to put another station on C floor that is refrigerated because the water there is currently warm. To fundraise Mr. Tweedie and the Environmental Club are selling $12 metal water bottles with straws. On the water bottle is an Indian with your choice of green or black.

Environmental Club Member Isabella Freitas said, “They have a very stylish design and keep your water cold, too.”

To purchase one of these bottles you can visit Mr. Tweedie’s room or the lunchroom where Mr. Tweedie and the Environmental Club will soon be selling these bottles during all three lunch shifts. The water bottles are BPA free and are environmentally friendly according to Mr. Tweedie.