Ten Things to Do on Coronacation


Morgan Melo

Take a walk on Round Hill Beach.

Number 1: Go for a walk

Especially in times like these when having a strong and healthy immune system is vital, walking will help with that. Harvard Health mentions that walking five days a week, for 20 minutes, improves your health by 43%. Over this break while practicing social distancing, try taking a 15-20 minute walk to avoid boredom.

Number 2: Watch Netflix

Always a classic move! Sit down in front of a computer, phone or TV screen and enjoy an endless amount of Hallmark-worthy Netflix Originals. The top ten list just recently became an added feature to Netflix, giving the top ten most popular movies and TV series a badge when they become popular. Personally, out of the Top 10, I found Spenser Confidential (Featuring Post Malone) to be the most interesting movie and Love is Blind to be the top romantic drama Netflix has to offer. I would also recommend to scroll through the comedy shows. Taylor Tomlison’s Quarter Life Crisis and anything by John Mulaney are always classics

Number 3: Learn how to bake or cook

Always a fun treat, baking cookies and cakes are an excellent way to pass time. Baking a cake can take up a good portion of your afternoon, even more time if you decide to make frosting. Baking can help you with your ability to follow directions and allows you to get creative with decorations. Different from cooking, baking has more specific ingredient measurements; however, cooking would also be a great pastime.

Number 4: Go to the beach

Round Hill is currently open to the public at 34 Mishaum Point Rd in Dartmouth. Taking walks on the beach in the sun can lead to absorption of Vitamin D which people tend to be deficient in during the winter months. Along with more absorption of vitamins, walking on the beach improves proprioception. Proprioception is your ability to sense stimuli in your body, the stimuli helps you connect with your surroundings. For runners, I suggest that running on the beach could be a good pastime along with improving your strength and traction.

Number 5: Workout at home

Working out – for some it’s both mentally and physically the most tiring thing one can do. Workouts on YouTube are popular along with apps. Sadly most gyms in the area are closed, so you’ll be doing this at home. If you’re worried about not having weights or proper equipment, search “At Home Workouts” and you’ll get a variety of workouts not requiring any equipment.

Number 6: Learn something new

For the next three weeks you’re stuck at home, why not teach yourself a new skill? From learning magic tricks to yoga, you can find online tutorials for anything. Yoga is a great new thing to learn. It will help you keep in shape while you learn something new. Learn a new language online or how to code an entire website. With the internet available, there’re countless options.

Number 7: Read a book

Reading is always a great pastime; it’s so easy to get caught up in a story.  The library isn’t open currently, but you can find books online through the app store or on the library webpage. If reading isn’t your thing, audiobooks are also easy to access online in a bunch of different genres.

Number 8: Catch up on your mental health

School is a stressful time for everyone, but with this break lasting three weeks, I suggest you take time to focus on yourself. Newport Academy reports how school contributes to depression, and depression is linked to interfering with school. So a good use of this three week coronacation is to focus on yourself mentally and to work on letting the stress of school go during break.

Number 9: Have a self-care day

Leaving the house for the next three weeks is clearly frowned upon, so take the time to take care of yourself. Painting your nails is a creative way to pass the time; you can add glitter and designs. Or do a face mask. If you don’t have face masks at home, Pinterest has many recipes on how to make your own at home. Take a hot bath or shower, pump your favorite music and just focus on you.

Number 10: Pick up photography

Chances are that you’re reading this on your phone, so why not take up photography? Once again you can find tutorials on YouTube, but ultimately you get better with practice. With different lighting and angles, trial and error will eventually wield success.